After the Trivalley University was shutdown by the federal Authorities, Nepalese students who were admitted to this university, primarirly because of its low costs; have been in a delimma. Some Nepalese students have been reported to have been visited by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officials at their residential apartments. We have knowledge of 2 Nepalese students so far, currently put under deportation proceedings.

However, the ICE Officials have also suggested the students to immediately apply for a new college/university or change their status asap.

One of the leading lawyers in the Bay Area,  Shah Peerally, suggests via his youtube announcement to seek immediate legal advice from attorneys, request for attorney representation during interogation and foremost speak politely and clearly to the officials.

Nepali students can also take advantage of seeking free legal advice form Nepali attorneys from the ANA Legal Hotline  at 1 888 291 6821.