University of Baltimore School of Law Master of Laws program in the Law of the United States (LL.M. LOTUS) expresses its interest in admitting Nepali Lawyers and Law Graduates for its successful nine-month degree program designed for law graduates who earned their first degree in law outside the U.S.  and seek to become familiar with American law and the legal system.  Students educated in 26 countries from across the globe have graduated from the program.  LL.M. LOTUS alumni have become members of the New York, District of Columbia and Maryland bars and are employed in a variety of legal practice, business and government settings.  Lawyers educated outside the U.S. who are interested in becoming familiar with the U.S. legal system, please note that the School of Law is now accepting applications for admission to the 2010-11 LL.M. LOTUS program.  The LL.M. LOTUS “U.S. Practice” track provides the students 26 credits of bar-tested courses, an education requirement of the D.C. bar for lawyers educated outside the U.S.  The School of Law provides a robust week-long orientation, excellent education with academic support services, and career services after graduation.  Detailed information about it is posted on

Please contact Jane E. Schukoske, Director, Master of Laws Program in the Law of the United States at (410) 837-6761 or at if you have any questions.

Issued in Public Interest and per requested for dissemination by University of Baltimore.