ANA Legal Program Meeting
February 7, 2010 3-4pm
Via Teleconference

An autonomous ANA Legal Program by attorneys and legal professionals in the U.S. has been formed with the objective of helping Nepali community in U.S. and other countries.

The meeting was participated by:
Binod Roka
Keshav Raj Seadie
Matthew Handley
Ranju Shrestha
Khagendra GC could not attend but provided ideas on what the program
could do.

Santosh Giri- Paralegal
Simon Dhungana- President
Sirish Bhojpure- Information Director


I.             Introduction

Participants introduced themselves briefly and the work they do.

II.           Overview

Simon Dhungana gave an overview of the new ANA. He talked about ANA now being a flat plaform  organization with all volunteers being equal albeit with different roles. He explained that the Executive Board consists of presidents of most of the local organizations in major Nepali population centers, and Functional Programs are led by experts of the field and run autonomously to the benefit of the entire community.

All shared ideas on what the program means, what it should do, and how it should be done. Consensus was that the program is a starting point for providing legal referral services to the Nepali community.

III.          Collectively following topics were talked about in addressing what the program should do during personal remarks. Khagendra GC had provided remarks prior to the meeting.

a.    Making community aware of the legal issues

b.    A sort of clearing house for legal issues

c.    Immigration referral source

d.    Pro bono service

e.    Service in U.S., Nepal, and other countries where U.S. laws may be applicable

f.     Provide online services

g.    Conduit for legal services

h.    Establishment of legal defense fund

i.      Worker abuse

j.     Immigrant project

k.    Human rights

l.      Minority rights

m.  Legal literacy program

n.    Online portal

o.    Find out what areas need assistance

p.    Legal clinic

q.    Reference point

r.     Mentoring program

s.    Referral service

t.     Worker rights

IV.          The group discussed the ideas and agreed focus should be narrow for now and should start with

a.    Immigration law

b.    Labor law

c.    General information on Legal terms (Glossary)

d.    Survey on what legal advices are needed

V.            Following resources would be used to provide platform for the program

a.    Online (web portal, group email, integration with other sites)- Immediate

b.    Call Center (telephone service)- Near future

c.    Keshav Raj Seadie was proposed and seconded as Program Coordinator. Santosh Giri agreed to assist as Co-Coordinator

VI.          Action Items

a.    Sirish Bhojpure will setup resources needed and provide online sub domain. An announcement will be made once the website is up.