ANLUS heartly welcomes Yog. P Upadhyay, Ph.D. (BNLA) as a member pursuant to his desire of affiliation with us.

Y.Upadhyay, Ph.D is not practicing at the moment but is involved in teaching and research in the UK universities, is mainly based at Sheffield Institute for Biotechnological Law and Ethics (SIBLE) which is an interdisciplinary research centre within the school of Law, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK. He is constantly working towards getting the Nepalese Law Practice License recognized in the UK.


Yog Upadhyay Ph.D, Sheffield Institute for Biotechnological law and Ethics (SIBLE) School of Law, University of Sheffield, is working in various issues in relation to law and biotechnology with special focus on legal and moral philosophy. He has worked as a Research Associate, Sheffield Institute for Biotechnological Law and Ethics (SIBLE), School of Law, The University of Sheffield in EU FP6 project “Co-Extra”, investigating Legal, Ethical and regulatory issues on the co-existence of GM and Non-GM food within supply chains in EU ; EU FP6 project “FASTER”, investigating Intellectual property and conflict of laws issues in the trade/use of intellectual property through a network of networks and project PRIVIREAL (EU FP5 project investigating privacy and data protection under EU directive in the beginning of 2004).

He also served as a Post Graduate Tutor, School of Law, The University of Sheffield where he taught Understanding Law I and II (Includes basic teaching on Legal theory, Law of Contract, Equity and Tort) for the first year undergraduate Students through Seminar and colloquia and also delivered some seminars for LL.M intellectual Property (Covering international regime on Intellectual property and its relation to new technology specially TRIPS and its impact on new technology and some ethical considerations in last academic year) in addition to “MA in Biotechnological law and Ethics (MABLE)” through seminars and discussion groups with various other involvement in the MABLE, modules on “healthcare law and ethics”, Law of Contract, Sale of Goods, Company Law, Agency etc. on ACCA and BBS, Representation and Protection of the interest of Least Developed Countries in WTO” with Prof. Marise Cremona and Dr. Laukas A. Mistelis.

He has also been involved in teaching some seminar on “Post Graduate Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration”, served as a Court Member in ICC, International Court of Arbitration and practiced as an associate Advocate at Prof. Dhruba Bar Singh Thapa & Associates, Legal Research Associates and Lohani & Associates. Additionally he was a lecturer of commercial law at Apex College and Chartered Academics International.

He completed Ph.D from, School of Law, University of Sheffield, UK on North-South Conflict on Plant intellectual property Rights, LL.M (Commercial Law) and BL from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

Some of his scholarly works include Liability under Bio-safety protocol, Business Law: Present and Emerging Trends, ‘Negotiating liability Under Biosafety Protocol’, Biodiversity Management and Food Sovereignty: Implementation Challenges for South Asia (2009), Biodiversity protection in the new constitution of Nepal (2009), Liability and Redress under Article 27 of Bio-safety protocol: Some options., Genomics, Society and Policy, Conflict of laws and Intellectual Property, Sui Generis System for protection of plant : Some options for least developed countries, Nature of WTO Dispute Settlement: Is it judicial?, Arbitration for Farmers,  Right to Die : Moral and Ethical aspects of assisted Suicide, Conflict of laws and policy issues in Intellectual property , Legal regime on Coexistence of Genetically Modified and Non-Modified Food, Legal Aspect of Creating International Financial Services Centre in Nepal, Judicial Discretion in Nepal: Principle and Practice, Dispute Settlement Mechanism of WTO and Least Developed Countries, Arbitration in Nepal,  Issues of Liability under Biosafety protocol, Protecting Traditional Knowledge under Multilateral Framework, North-South Conflict in Agriculture Bioethics and Liability and redress issues in the use of GM Crops: European legal regime.

He is affiliated with Nepal Bar Association, Nepal Bar Council, IUCN Commission on Environmental Law and special commission on Indigenous people, Small Claim Arbitration Group, ICC, International Court of Arbitration, Paris France and International Chamber of Commerce, Nepal National Committee.