ANLUS congratulates Advocate Ratna Bahadur Bagchand for being appointed as an Appellate Court Justice at Appellate Court of Nepalgunj.

The appointment was made pursuant to Article 109 of Interim Constitution of Nepal 2007, §4(1)(b) of Judicial Council Act 1990, §5(1) of Judicial Council Procedures Regulation 2001. The provisions stipulates appointment of Justices who are qualified based on 10 years of legal practice, seniority, knowledge of subject matter, working ability, education, honesty, impartiality, moral character, prestige in legal profession, people’s desire, popularity and boldness and ability to perform.

Hon. Justice Bagchand has been working for the justice of the marginalized, disadvantaged and discrimitnated Dalit community in Nepal through an organization Lawyers National Campaign against Untouchability-Nepal (LANCAU-Nepal). LANCAU has played a vital role in drafting laws against untouchability, pressuring the government to formulate and execute appropriate laws to curb racial discrimination and implement Durban Declaration to put an end to the Untouchability Aparthied in Nepal. He was also awarded the Best Lawyer Award by Nepal Bar Council earlier.

With appointment of Justice Bagchand, Nepal’s judiciary has appointed a person from the Dalit Community for the first time in its history.

The list of newly appointed Justices in Appellate and District Courts can be found here: