The First BNLA Election took place on August 29, 2009. The newly elected committee members include:

  1. Patron- Prof, Dr. Surya Subedi
  2. President- Raju Thapa, Solicitor
  3. Vice President- Devendra Singh Shrestha, Advocate
  4. General Secretary- Yog Upadhaya, Advocate
  5. Joint Secretary-Amrit Prasad Kharel, Advocate
  6. Treasurer-Umesh Bikram Shah, Advocate
  7. Member- Kriti Bilas Pant, Advocate
  8. Member-Umesh Moktan, Advocate
  9. Member-Kabita Karki, Advocate
  10. Member-Dipesh Shrestha, Advocate

BNLA thanks election committe members:

  1. Nabin Paudel-Advocate,
  2. Prakash Paudel-Advocate,
  3. Supak Malla-Advocate.

BNLA also thanks ex-president Surya Subedi and Ex-Vice Presidet Sunil Adhikary who addressed and promised to support the organization in future.

Reported by: Amrit Prasad Kharel, Joint Secretary-BNLA, UK

Contact: 00447737463824