Expressing dismay at the current turn of events in Nepal, a top US official on Thursday urged the Nepalese political parties to come together and finish writing the nation’s constitution.

“It is important for Nepal to form the government and get on with the big task (of writing the constitution), the outgoing Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Richard Boucher, told a group of South Asian journalists. He said the US is trying to encourage the Nepalese political parties in this regard.

“We do not think, it was better off with the monarchy. We think, we are better off having these different point of views being worked out through a political process,” Boucher said in response to a question on the current political turmoil in Nepal.

“Remember, this is a Constituent Assembly to write a new constitution. That is the big issue. We hope that maximum number of parties, maximum number of people can get together and agree upon,” he said. BOUCHER-NEPAL 2LST The Constituent Assembly, Boucher argued is not simply a governing body to conduct day to day affairs.