The BRITAIN- NEPAL LAWYERS ASSOCIATION (BNLA) is a non-profit professional organization of Nepalese lawyers practitioners in the UK and Nepal’s jurisdictions. The BNLA was found on 6th January 2009 by a small group of lawyers who recognized the need for the interchange of ideas among those associated with the UK and Nepalese law. It promotes the development of Nepalese Law for the maximum benefit of Nepalese people; strives toward justice and effective legal representation for all Nepalese people; provides a forum for the Nepalese lawyers based in the UK to become more involved in the local and national issues affecting Nepalese people interests; provides networking and support to encourage newcomers to pursue careers in the law; and liaison with Nepal Bar Association, The Bar Council of England and Wales and The Law Society (Solicitors Regulation Authority)for recognition of Nepalese lawyers to practice in the UK in similar vein as it is presently facilitated to commonwealth lawyers .
The BNLA is committed to a more integrated lawyer community. The Association has been established with a view to facilitate greater interaction and understanding amongst legal fraternity of Nepal. It also aspires to strengthen the relationship between the Bar and the Bench, in turn building an environment conducive to effective administration of justice and maintenance the rule of law. The Association conducts seminars, symposia, conferences on critical issues of contemporary interest to impart knowledge to the public at large. The Association upholds the honour, dignity and independence of the Bar and the Bench in the UK and Nepal.

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