THT Online
Kathmandu, November 28

Chief Justice Kedar Prasad Giri on Thursday warned the government authorities not to challenge the Supreme Court’s authority on judicial review.
Chief Justice Giri warned senior government lawyer Kumar Chudal not to challenge the apex court while responding to it in connection with cases on behalf of the government authorities. After getting hundreds of written explanations from government authorities challenging the judicial power of the apex court, the Chief Justice directed them to respect its authority.
“The Office of the Attorney General and government attorneys are supposed to help the government authorities while dealing with court cases and submitting written explanations,” Giri ruled.
Chudal was arguing before a special bench comprising CJ Giri and Justices Damodar Prasad Sharma and Tahir Ali Ansari in a case pretaining to the Police Regulation.
The Chief Justice warned that Supreme Court would be compelled to issue strictures in case the authorities did not honour the apex court.
The Chief Justice criticised the government authorities for questioning the apex court’s authority in the changed political situation. The authorities often tend to challenge the apex court while defending their decisions in the court.
Advocate Madhav Kumar Basnet objected to the language used in such defences submitted to the apex court, stating that the court was backed by people, as per the Interim Constitution.
Justice Ansari also noted that the government authorities had disrespected the authority of the apex court.