Adding another brick to the wall of a renowned NGO of Nepal, Lawyers National Campaign against Untouchability (LANCAU) Advocate Ratna Bahadur Bagchand, Executive Director of Lancau and a student of International Development, Community and Environment (IDCE) at Clark University, has bagged European Commission Grant through the EIDHR (European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights) for 300,000 euros to support advocacy for the end of untouchability in the constitution-writing process in Nepal.

What makes this award quite remarkable is that the proposal was produced by four IDCE students — Allison Petrozziello, Ratna Bagchand, Kaensri Chaikot and Jenny Boyle – who started working on it while taking last spring Liza Grandia’s class Project Management. Barbara Thomas Slayter, Dave Bell, and of course Liza Grandia provided support along the way, and all the classmates provided helpful feedback. But the initiative and the preparation of the proposal were entirely the work of the four students.

Congratulations to, Ratna, Kaensri, Allison, and Jenny! Many thanks to Dave, Barbara, and Liza, and to the entire Project Management class for their feedback and support.