Advocate Yadav Dulal in pursuing Orientation in USA Law Program at University of California-Davis. The program.

The 2008 Orientation in U.S.A. Law program marks the 19th anniversary of this successful international summer law program. Lawyers, judges, prosecutors and defenders, notaries, law professors, pre-LL.M. students and business professionals attend this program to gain a better understanding of the theories and practices of the U.S. legal system. Participants engage in more than 170 hours of classes, seminars and on-site observations. Many participants begin with the Orientation in U.S.A. Law program and then continue with the specialized programs in Financing International Transactions (offered in 2008), Structuring an International Joint Venture (offered in 2009) and The Global Trading System (offered in 2010). However, the Orientation in U.S.A. Law is not a prerequisite for any of the three specialized programs. All participants attend core classes three hours daily on such topics as: U.S. legal system, torts, intellectual/real property, taxation, dispute resolution, remedies, business structures and contracts, civil procedures, Antitrust regulations, labor relations/environmental law, ethics, legal research, negotiation, arbitration, mediation, e-commerce. Participants choose afternoon or evening elective seminars three hours daily that are related to their areas of specialization. General topics are: business and trade, law school preparation for pre-LL.M. students, U.S. criminal justice system, judicial management, on-site visits and observations. The Orientation in U.S.A. Law program draws law school faculty from the University of California at Davis and includes outstanding legal practitioners and business experts representing major California firms that perform international legal work. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance if they attend class regularly. Academic credit from any of these programs may be applied toward the part-time summer International Commercial Law LL.M. and/or the Licentiate in International Transactions Involving the United States.