San Francisco, CA.— Community groups, clergy and youth advocates will gather at City Hall to ask Mayor Newsom and the Board of Supervisors to support public safety for all San Franciscans and due process and privacy rights in the juvenile justice system for all youths. This press conference is in direct response to a series of misleading articles in the San Francisco Chronicle that blame the City’s crime on its Sanctuary status — ignoring the thousands of immigrants that contribute to the city’s economic prosperity and cultural diversity, and also failing to recognize that undocumented youths and families are here often times because they are fleeing economic and political hardships in their home countries.
For more information contact: Carolyn Tran, SFILEN at 415.282.6209 x 15 or Evelyn Sanchez at 415.572.0639
Evelyn Sanchez, Advocacy Coordinator
Bay Area Immigrant Rights Coalition (BAIRC)
Office: 510 839 7598 / Cell: 415 572 0639