ANLUS welcomes Indira Rana to the United States during her 3 months personal visit. She is scheduled to attend Association of Nepalese in the Americas Convention in July in Baltimore this year. She will also be traveling extensively throughout the US and meeting with Nepali jurists, lawyers and scholars.


Ms. Indira Rana is a former Secretary of the Government of Nepal. She has an M. Phil. in Population and Law from Harvard University of the United States and a B. L. and M. A. in Political Science from the Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu. Ms. Rana, after serving for many years in various posts as judge, registrar in courts, Ministry of Law and Justice and other judicial bodies of the government, retired as Secretary of the Judicial Council Secretariat and the Judicial Service Commission.

Ms. Rana is the first woman in the history of Nepal to perform the last cremation and other rites following the death of her mother. As coordinator of the International Women’s Year Law Committee, 1975, she made significant contributions for the equal rights of women during the sixth amendment of the National civil code of Nepal. Ms. Indira Rana has served as a leader, founder and volunteer of various national and international organizations, such as the Nepal Red Cross Society-Kathmandu Branch, Nepal Cancer Relief society, Nepal Family Planning Association, Nepal Anti Tuberculosis Prevention Association, Nepal Children’s Organization, Senior Citizen Welfare Association, SAARC Law Nepal, Nepal Law Society, International Commission on Jurists, International Law Association, International Federation of Women Lawyers Association America, Rotary Club Kathmandu, Lions Club Kathmandu, United Nations Women Association, Business and Professional Women Club, National Election Observation Committee and Harvard Alumni Association Nepal. Decorated with various national awards such as the Prakhyat Trishakti Patt, Suprabal Gorkha Dakshin Bahu, etc. and international awards such as the Nafis Sadik Award, the Paul Harris Fellowship and Woman of the Year 2001, Ms. Rana has written books on law and numerous research papers on women’s rights and other topics.

Apart from representing Nepal in the United Nations General Assembly, Ms. Rana has participated in the Fourth World Conference on Women Beijing, International Election Observation (the Presidential election in Sri Lanka in 1999) and in various international conferences and seminars on law, women and human rights held in countries around the world. Active against injustice, exploitation and unequal practices against women, Ms. Rana has been especially involved in social activities of various types.

She is also affiliated with leading organizations such as Nepal Law Society, Harvard Alumni Association Nepal, International Commission on Jurists, Lions Club Kathmandu, Nepal Anti Tuberculosis Prevention Association, Nepal Family Planning Association, Professional Women Club, United Nations Women Association and The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC).