Association of Nepalese Lawyers in the US would like to request non-profit organizations, charities, and grant commissions or donors (individual, private or public) to help us raise Travel Grant for the deserving Nepalese students.

Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition 2008 participants from Nepal seek Travel Grant sponsorship for the Jessup Cup.

Aftermath of Jessup Competition has been anecdotes of incessant advancement and contributions of the Jessup graduates beginning from success in Public Interest Litigation to petition for the human rights protection of poor migrant workers in India. We  have registered the Nepalese National Chapter (named as International Law Student Society, Nepal , ILS Nepal) of International Law Student Association (ILSA, organizer of Jessup Cup) of which I am elected as President. We will continue paying back for the investment done by the partners of Nepal through many other contributions to the Nepalese society.

We, the students, will be among the next generation of leaders in Nepal who will take up the project of further exploring benefits from international plane and int’l law to the country. Nepalese team is appearing for 2008 Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition in Washington DC from 6th – 12th April 2008. This competition is famous globally for its global character and wider participations from many countries of the globe. It is the largest and fastest growing moot court competition in the world, now involving more than 2000 students from nearly 500 law schools from more than 80 nations on six continents. Jessup’s former participants continue to enter foreign, finance, justice ministries in increasing numbers. They can be found in world finest law firms, corporations, universities, parliaments, international organizations. Request from government for written materials submitted in the Jessup Competitions increase every year. Jessup Network grows to make an ever great impression on students and professional in international law.

With the advent of Bilateralism and Multilateralism, the divergence standing in the international relations have been emerging as an essential part of inter-State intercourses; bilateral, multilateral or international legal regimes (e.g. treaties, executive order, coherent judicial adjudications) have been integral part of  international relations of the modern contemporary world. Similarly, in some arenas, importantly trade matters, decision making has been increasingly removed from national arenas and even from state-to-state negotiations. The WTO’s compulsory dispute settlement process is a prime example of the strongest supranational judicial decision making. Recent institution of International Criminal Court (ICC) has even transcended the frontier of national prosecution system by international criminal prosecution. These developments in international law, international adjudication, and international trade relations have obviously affected law fraternity, litigation practices and corporate intercourses of Nepal with rest of partners. Nepal’s memberships in the SAFTA, WTO and BIMSTEC have opened the avenue for exploiting benefits from such trading regimes only if we are well prepared to trade off our challenges and opportunities.


Not surprisingly, the financial burden participating in the Jessup Competition is significant. Unfortunately, the overall economic situation of Nepal has also affected the University budgets as well. Therefore we would very much appreciate it if you could support the Jessup Team from Nepal for this year. Any support will, of course, be recognized in the official capacity by the Purbanchal University, Kathmandu School of Law, as well as in the International Rounds in Washington DC, USA.


 It’s our great pleasure to share you that US Embassy in Nepal has promised to extend travel support to one member of the team out of 3 members of the Jessup Team.

Travel support to remaining two members is yet to be realized, which stands around US D 2800 as quoted from cheap fare from Aeroflot. Only sympathy is extended by the local lawyers community, no concrete support is promised by them. It is very frustrating for us to receive such apathy and lack of generosity to the Jessup Team.


We are very concerned to make sure additional travel grant, whether it be private or official sponsorship/ donation. We are expecting great cooperation from you in ensuring Jessup Cup participation from Nepal!


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Donors may also contact for assistance on how to provide the grant to:

Santosh Giri, Coordinator

Association of Nepalese Lawyers and Scholars in the US [ANLUS]

Please do NOT provide this grant to ANLUS.