ANLUS welcomes Dr. surendra Bhandari, who is currently in Boston. Dr. Surendra Bhandari is the founder and Executive Director of the Law Associates Nepal. There are other young and dynamic developmental lawyers associated in the Law Associates Nepal. Law Associates Nepal is an incorporated body that provides services on legal research, legal consultancy and advocacy. It is an associate of mid-career and young but dynamic lawyers working in the areas of development. It is an associate that believes on the role of law for promoting development. It believes that law can both promote and retard development. Law is one of the important tools that provides facilitative role for development. Still the role of law for development is not properly recognised. Therefore, Law Associates Nepal aims to bring forth the role of law in the realm of development and carry out research, studies and advocacy for using law as a tool of development.

When the World Trade Organisation came into force in January 1st 1995 it has significantly encompassed major developmental areas and has influenced the paradigm of development. In this connection Nepal has also accomplished accession negotiation and going to be a member.

WTO requires in-depth studies and research and revision and formulation of legal regime that has potential relationship with development.

Recognising the need of working in the area of law and development, especially in the areas of WTO the like minded advocates are organised in Law Associates Nepal with a view to be part of law and development process in Nepal.