Mr. Sushil P. Adhikari, upon completion of Law Degree from Nepal Law Campus, established Maitri Law Firm in Bagbazar, Kathmandu in 1991. He is still an Active Member of Nepal Bar Association. His four years stint at the Central Bureau of Statistics proved advantageous in his legal career. He acknowledges Mr. Khagendra GC, a lawyer himself by profession and a close family friend for inspiring him to be what he is today. Mr. GC is also another successful Nepali Lawyer in USA. He completed Master’s of Law in Southern Methodist University (SMU), Dallas, Texas in 1998 earning a Master’s Degree in Comparative & International Law from SMU. Immediately after the completion of his studies in 1998, he got affiliated with Pant Law Firm followed by the Law Office of Michael J. Williams PC (Professional Corporation) where he is still working as a Legal Consultant. His expertise ranges from various types of Immigration Visas to other Company & Corporation Law like Contracts & Foreign Investments. His clientele includes 90% of Nepalis and 10% of non-immigrants from Liberia, South Africa, India and other countries. At least 3 cases a week comes his way and between 1998 to April 2005, he has handled as many cases as 1500. He is a busy legal consultant and to deal with his busy schedule he has four attorneys working for him.