Welcome to Association of Nepalese Lawyers in United States.

Our Mission

The Association of Nepalese Lawyers in United States:

  • Promotes alliances between Nepalese lawyers, legal professionals in the US, Nepalese Law Students in US.
  • Advocates for the Nepalese community in the US.
  • Supports those who value diversity in the legal profession.
  • Assists Nepalese law students, and those interested in the law, with developing contacts with practitioners, for jobs and careers.
  • Provides information to members on careers and the legal market in the US.
  • Provides an avenue for professionals and other community leaders to take an interest in matters of concern to Nepalese Lawyers.
  • Creates a solidarity towards Nepalese legal profession and rule of law in Nepal through establishment of awards, scholarships and fellowships from support of different US charity organizations.
  • Lobbys for one law school- one scholarship for Nepalese law students/lawyers in the US
  • Creates a Platform for Nepalese lawyers, law students, faculty and law professionals of Nepal


ANLUS encourages members to become actively involved with its activities by signing up to be part of one or more committees. To sign up for a particular committee, please contact its chair, designated below.

Events Committee:
Pro Bono/Civil Rights Committee:
Endorsements Committee:
Membership Committee:


General inquiries about ANLUS should be directed to anlusnepal@gmail.com .

Any questions about ANLUS committees should be directed to the Chair of that committee.